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Zaverchand Meghani

Zaverchand Meghani was born in 1897 in Choteela, in a jain-vanik family. His parents Father kalidas and mother Dholibai were actually from Bagasra,but had to move from village to village,due to Kalidasbhai,   who was in Police, had various postings  in different areas.  Hence although young Zaverchand started his education in Rajkot, had to continue it in various places like Datha,Paaliyad,Bagasra etc.  In 1912 he passed his metrick examination.   In 1916 he graduated in English and Sanskrit from Shamaldas College , Bhavnagar.

In 1917 he joined Jivanlal Ltd; An aluminium Company in Kolkatta, where   he worked almost for 3 years during which he even visited England.  In 1921 he left this job and came back to Bagasra.   In 1922 he married Damyantiben, in Jetpur.  Zaverchandbhai was tremendously exposed to Gujarati Sahitya right from his childhood and also to Bengali Sahitya during his stay in Kolkatta. During this time he started writing in 'Saurashtra' a paper published in Ranpur. And had also started to write earnestly creating works like  'Kurbani ni Kathao' which incidently was the first book to be published in a book form, followed by 'Saurashtra Ni Rasdhar'.He also started translating from Bengali literature.

In 1926, he made his foray into poetry with his book of children poems 'Veni Na Phool'.   In 1928 he was awarded the very prestigious 'Ranjitram Suvarnachandrak' for his extensive work on 'Loksahitya'.  In 1929, he gave Six discourses for 'Gyan Prasarak Mandali' .   In 1930, he was sentenced for 2 years in jail for writing the book 'Sindhudo' which Contained war songs to inspire the youth of India.  It is during this time that he wrote 'Kavya Triputi' based on Gandhiji's visit to London for the round table conference.  It was Gandhiji who honoured him with the tittle 'Rashtriya Shayar'. During this period he also started writing short stories independently and for 'Phoolchaab'.   In 1933, he lost his Wife at Botad.  In 1934, he shifted to Mumbai and married  Chitradevi, and also started writing in 'Janmabhoomi' under the column 'Kalam Ane Kitaab'.He also started writing independant   novels which established him as a great critic also.  In 1936 he cecame the editor of Phoolchaab' In 1942, he ventured into began publishing with his book'Marela Na Rudhir'.   In 1945, after retiring from 'Phoolchaab' he concentrated only on creating more and more literature.  In 1946 his book 'Mansai Na Deeva'was awarded the 'Maheeda award'.    The same year he was elected to head the Gujarati Sahitya Parishad's Sahitya Section.

But on 9th March '1947 at the young age of 50 years, he expired, due to a massive heart attack at his residence in Botad.

Indicative List of Books By Zaverchand Meghani

1.     Kurbani Ni Kathao
2.     Doshina Ni Waato
3.     Saurashtra Ni Raasdhaar
4.     Radhiyali Raat
5.     Chundadi
6.     Sorthi Baharvatiya
7.     Halarda
8.     Sorthi Santo
9.     Dadaji Ni Waato
10    Rana Pratap
11.   Shahjahan
12.   Salagtu Iereland
13.   Asia Nu Kalank
14.   Narvir Lalaji
15.   Satyaveer Shraddhanand
16.   Veni Na Phool
17.   Sindhudo
18.   Cheeta Na Angara
19.   Jail Office Ni Bari
20.   Niranjan
21.   Sorath Tara Vehta Pani
22.   Vevishaal
23.   Tulsi-Kyaro
24.   Samarangan
25.   Ra'Gangajaliyo
26.   Loksahitya
27.   Marela Na Rudhir
28.   Loksahitya – Pagdandi No Panth
29.   Ravindraveena
30.   Mansai Na Deeva
31.   Sorthi Santvani

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