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Dileepkumar Roy

The Sheths had the good fortune of learning Devotional Music and Meera Bhajans at the feet of Dilipkumar Roy the celebrated saintpoet of devotional songs and a disciple of Shri Aurobindo. Ajit during his formative years, was associated with the activities of the musical squad of IPTA at Devadher School of music at the Royal Opera House, where he came in contact with poet Shailendra, PremDhavan, Ram Ganguli, Surit Kar, Raj Kapoor and many luminaries of Prithvi Theatres and IPTA.

Ajit participated in presenting Tagore's Dance Ballet “Shyama" in Bengali. From this he got an opportunity to become a co-secretary of Tagore Society. Later on Ajit participated in INT’s musical feature"Varsha” penned by poet Prahlad Parekh. Ajit also took part indance drama "Usha" choreographed in Manipuri style by Zaveri sisters.

Ajit sang in the dance drama "Vasavdutta" composed by Ajit Merchant. Nirupama was a popular singer in AIR musical features, which were often conducted by Bhanuprasad Thakar. She participated in many dance dramas of Bhavan’s Kala Kendra by Avinash Vyasand Yogendra Desai. Nirupama actively participated in Mehta sisters's dance drama “Geet-Govind” in Sanskrit.



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