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Narmad was born 24th August 1833, in Surat to Lalshankar and   Naavdurga.  At the age of 5 years little Narmad joined 'Nana Mehta's School' in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai.   At the age of 8 years, Narmad started learning the 'Vedas'.  He was very shy and timid, as a child.  He did higher education in Balgovind School, but left education half way in 1850, from Elphinstone Institute.

Narmad married Gulabgauri in 1844, at a young age of 11 years, but she expired in the year 1853 during childbirth.   Due to parental pressures Narmad married Daahigauri in 1856.

In the year 1850, Narmad established 'Buddhiwardhak Sabha', and took up teaching as a profession. His first poetry was titled 'Aatmabodh'.   He wrote poetries on Nature, Love, Independence, patriotism etc.  In 1858 he resigned from his job and devoted his time, solely for his writings.   He wrote the first ever biography of Gujarati language titled 'Mari HakiKat'.  He also published the first ever dictionary in Gujarati titled 'Narmakosh',   Apart from this he also wrote essays, Historical articles, Drama, and Characterizations.

Narmad was a reformer he could not bear to see the plight of poor in those days. He rebelled against the old decadent norms and blind faith of rigid Hinduism. It was due to these reforms that lead him to fight, a Vaishnav Pandit called 'Jadunath Maharaj', but he never gave up his beliefs; he went on fighting against corruption, dogmatic faith, extortion, exploitation of the poor etc.   His writings successfully exposed the so called great God Men, Brahmins etc., who exploited people in the name of religion.  Narmad saw the plight of the widows in those times and was absolutely devastated and shocked by the torture  they bore in the hands of the society. He worked relentlessly for their emancipation. However the Orthodox Brahmins and rigid blind followers of religion could not stand the changing society emerging as a result of Narmad's strong teachings and thus to break him they banished him from their caste.   But this did not deter Narmad, In fact this gave him a new zeal to fight. He started publishing a monthly named 'Dandiyo'.  It became a weapon against these rigid followers of religion; corrupt, beurocrats, money lenders and torturous inspectors.   He made the society aware of the corruption and educated them to the new ways of life.  He married a young widow named Narmadagauri in 1869, to set an example in the society.

Due to immense economic crisis, in his life Narmad had to break his vow of not doing a job, and started working at the 'Tejpal Dharmakhata'.   His immense hard life, full of frictions and fights broke Narmad at a young age of 53, however he never bowed down.

On 26th February' 1886 'Veer Kavi Narmad breathed his last at Surat.

Indicative List of Books Written by Veer Kavi Narmad

1. Mari - Hakikat
2. Mevadni Kakikat
3. Stree Kelavni
4. Kul Motap    
5. Udyog tatha Vruddhi    
6. Ramayanno Sar
7. Narma Kathakosh
8. Premanankrut Dasham Skandh
9. Ram Janaki Darshan
10. Desh Vyavahar Vyavastha
11. Arya Darshan
12. Shree Draupadi Darshan Natak
13. Kathiawad Sarva Sangrah
14. Gujarationi Sthiti
15. Diadno Sar
16. Sajivaropan
17. Nayika Vishay Pravesh
18. Sukh
19. Premanandkrut Nalakhyan
20. Balkrishna Vijay Natak
21. Kelavni Vishe
22. Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta
23. Dharma Vichar
24. Nagar Streeoman Gavatan Geet
25. Seetaharan Natak
26. Rajyarang – Vol.2
27. Mahadarshan (Jagatna Pracheen Itihasnun Samagra Darshan)
28. Shree Sarshakuntal
29. Krishna Kumari Natak
30. Mahabharatno SAR
31. Gujarat Sarva Samgrah
32. Narma Kosh
33. Rajyarang-1
34. Pingal Pravesh
35. Guru ane Stree
36. Sakar
37. Rituvaman
38. Narma Kosh-1
39. Punarvivah
40. Samp
41. Kavi ane Kavita
42. Mandaii Malvathi Thata Labh
43. Vyabhichar Nishedhak
44. Narma Kosh -3
45. Kavicharitra
46. NarmaKavita – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
47. Narmakavita  - Book 1
48. Narma Kosh - 2
49. Narma Vyakaran Vol.2. Part 1
50. Narma Vyakaran Vol.1
51. StreeNa Dharma
52. Swadeshabhiman
53. Muvan Pachhvade Rova Kutvani Ghelai
54. Alamkar Pravesh
55. Nirashrit Pratye Shreemantna Dharma
56. Rasa Pravesh
57. Hinduoni Padhati
58. Garibai Vishe Bhikharidasno Samvad
59. Narmagadya
60. Ranman Pachhan Pagian Na Karva Vishe
61. Vishayi Guru
62. Guruni Satta
63. Bhakti
64. Suratni Mukhtesar Hakikat
65. Dayaramkrut Kavya Sangrah
66. Lagna tatha Punarlagna
67. Dayaramkrut Kavyasangra 
68. Manhar Pad
69. Dandiyo
70. Tulji Vaidhvya Chitra

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